Little Kitty, Big City


Double Dagger Studio

Based in Seattle


 PC - Steam /  Xbox / Switch

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Adventure / Story / Comedy / Tiny Open World / Sandbox


Will you make your way home or will you explore what the big city has to offer first? I mean, getting home is obviously your main priority. Obviously. Well, it's one of your priorities. Maybe more of a guideline... It's definitely on your To-Do list somewhere! But first? Exploration!

Short Description

You're a curious little kitty with a big personality, lost in the city. Will you make your way home or will you explore what the big city has to offer first? Take Kitty on an adventure to explore, make new friends, wear delightful hats, and leave more than a little chaos in your wake. After all, isn't that what cats do best?

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“Little Kitty, Big City gives us the same chaotic vibes as Untitled Goose Game”


“Finally, A Game That Lets You Be A Silly Little Cat Doing Silly Little Things”


Featured in Wholesome Snack

Wholesome Games,  2021

Winner of PAX Rising Showcase

PAX West,  2022

Best Cat Game

My Kids,  2022

About Double Dagger Studio

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Double Dagger Studio is an independent game development studio founded in Bellevue, Washington by veteran game developer, Matt T. Wood. Previously, Matt worked on hit titles at Valve, including Half-Life 2, Portal 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Left 4 Dead. Double Dagger Studio has been working with contractors and collaborators from across the globe on their first title, Little Kitty, Big City. 


Mario and Roxy

Support, Snuggles & Inspiration

Juliana Chen

Character Design and Scenario Concept Art

Daphne Fiato

Environment Art

Valentina Hawes

Character Design, Modeling and Art

Matt T. Wood

Game Directing, Programming, Art, Design and everything else

Mike Corsaro

Game Programming


Character Modeling and Art

Kane Tyler Garrett

Architecture and Prop Modeling


Marketing and Publishing Support

Something We Made

Additional Quest Implementation

22nd Century Toys

Console Porting and Programming

Philippa Warr

Writing and Designing

Steve Sperrin

Shader and Game Programming

Alexandra Kern

Concept Art

Kenneth F. Moe (Archanor)

Additional Particles

Jemma Salume

Additional Arting

A Shell in the Pit

Sound Design