You're a curious little kitty with a big personality, on an adventure to find your way back home.

Explore the city, make new friends, wear delightful hats, and leave more than a little chaos in your wake. After all, isn't that what cats do best?

Meet The Team!

Mario and Roxy @MarioRoxy

Mario and Roxy provide much needed support and snuggles!

Micah Breitweiser @__MicahB__

Micah does animations!

Juliana Chen @fivepaninis

Juliana does character design and scenario concepting!

Cocefi is making the human shaped props! 😜

Daphne Fiato @invaderroxas

Daphne is arting up the environments!

Kane Tyler Garrett @DmawXXX

Kane models buildings and other city props!

Valentina Hawes @xValociraptor

Val does character design, character modeling, other models and art!

Alexandra Kern @zandraartt

Alexandra did environment concepts!

Philippa Warr @philippawarr

Pip is writing words and doing design!

Matt T. Wood @matttwood

Matt does programming, sound, art, level design, modeling and all of the rest of the things!

Dev Twitter: @matttwood

Game Twitter: @LittleKittyGame

Company Twitter: @DoubleDaggerStd